4x4 Soccer

4x4 Soccer Description

Tired of the regular soccer unblocked games that you have been playing?
4x4 soccer might just be the right breakthrough you have been expecting. The game is a bizarre amalgamation of soccer and driving together. Instead of finding yourself in the common footballer's attire, you find yourself in the driving seat of a car.

Forget the conventional ways of using a player to score goals in a soccer game; use trucks instead! The player needs to drive a truck and place it in a favorable position to strike the goal. Winning the 4x4 soccer title is the prime aim of the player. The game has an international stature and feel that intrigue gamers to a great extent. The key tactics of the game are:

  • To have a great aim.
  • An alert mind.
  • A thorough idea of soccer as a whole.
A combination of all these key factors will lead you to an international glory in the game.

The player makes use of the arrow keys to move the truck in the game.
Make use of the space-bar to operate the various hand-brake turns required through the course of the game. The initial stages of the game might seem to be difficult. But as you proceed through the game, you get addicted to it. Make sure that you help your peer truck driver to score the maximum amount of goals possible. You are allowed to quench your thirst for driving as well as playing soccer simultaneously through the game.