Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter Description

In Apple shooter as the name suggests, the game deals with shooting an apple. You are the shooter here. Even though the player needs to shoot an apple it gives an adventurous experience. Now, there arises a question how shooting an apple may be adventurous. Yes! It is since the apple will be placed in your friends head. You need to hit the apple, which is placed in your friend's head without hurting him. It is not a difficult task when you aim perfectly at the apple placed on your friend's head.

Shooting the apple can be done with the help of mouse click after aiming the apple. Bow and arrow is used for this task and you can adjust your bow and arrow. The adjustment for aiming can be done by tilting your mouse. So, the mouse is the only control for playing this game. You will get the real time shooting experience. You will get the experience of playing with your real friend and making him stand in front of you and hold the apple for you. Since hitting him may kill him you need to be careful while aiming. This game improves your concentration level and will be really helpful in your day to day life.

Shooting the apple without harming your friend will lead to the next level. As level increases the distance between you and your friend also gets increased. It indirectly increases the level of difficulty which requires more concentration for clearing the level. As the level increases, you will feel the adventure in the game. Have a great apple shooting experience.