Armor Mayhem 2 Chronicles

Armor Mayhem 2 Chronicles Description

This is the upgraded version of the first edition of Armor Mayhem and promises lots of fun, enjoyment and double the thrill. The graphics are even better and give you a more realistic feel.

You will have to set up an account as only then will you be able to access the game features. One of the important things is to allow a lot of storage in your flash player. The game play enables you to set your own conditions as well as objectives. You can also chance the controlling options, unlock gears, complete the challenges, attire your soldiers, attain new and advanced weapons and guns and also construct your arsenal. Simply stack up your points and as soon as you clear a stage, you unlock a new weapon. The prospects are quite intriguing.

Here is a list of the control options which you can use to play the game easily.

  • For pausing the game use Esc
  • Use space for the adrenaline
  • For the last used weapon, press Q
  • For jumping use W
  • For left use A
  • For right use D
  • For reloading the game use R
  • To check out your score use F
  • For crouching press S
There is also a free manual which lets you know about the various instructions of the game. Though the mechanisms will prove to be a bit difficult for first timers, you will gradually get the hold of it. Come and get yourself registered and enjoy this wonderful adventure filled game. Protection Status
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