Avalanche Description

Avalanche is a 2-dimensional single player game. In this era of 21st century, almost all kids love to play games on the computer compared to outdoor games. Avalanche will be the best choice for kids to which they won't get addicted. It is like solving a math and it highly helps in imagination too. Predicting where the bars may fall and moving accordingly is a highly calculative task. This game is very simple and easy to play. It won't require much guidance. The game design is more attractive with its background sound and color.

A white liquid will appear on the screen which is required to move up to reach the maximum height it can. The maximum the height the higher the scores. Keyboard keys are used as the control to play this game. Moving in the right direction is a very important task in this game. So, think well before you move either left or right. Moving to appropriate area is much important in this game to avoid getting hit. If you required time to think about your next move or if you got any other work in the middle, no need to worry you can pause the game. Beware that you may get blocked between the bars during the movements so make your moves carefully. Hitting the bars will make the liquid splash. If you take a long time to make a move without pausing, then there is a possibility for splash. Climb wise and reach the maximum height.