Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream Description

Bad ice cream is developed by Nitrome. It is a puzzle game where main characters of this game are three frozen dairy bad ice cream. They are fighting against animals who want to eat them. While playing this game the player needs to collect fruits.

Two players can play this game together. The First player can use the letter keys – W, A, S and D. For creating new ice cubes "F" key can be used by the first player. For navigation arrow keys can be used by the second player. A Second player can use also "Enter" key or "Space" key.

To start the game the player needs to choose the ice cream. There are three varieties of ice cream-chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The game contains 40 levels. Through all 40 levels the player should be careful and avoid the meltdown of the ice cream. The goal of the game is to collect fruits from each stage without being eaten by the animals. Interesting part of this game is the graphics and music. These two things can distract the player. The game becomes difficult after level 25 and 30. After level 30 the player should select proper fruits to gain more points. The player needs to be conscious about the bursting flames, traps, ice-breaking squids, and the bulls. All these will try to stop the player from winning the game. There are also Bad Ice Cream 2 and Bad Ice Cream 3 sequels. Protection Status
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