Bad Ice Cream 2

Bad Ice Cream 2 Description

Bad ice cream 2 is a two player game. Same as Bad Ice Cream 3 this version is controlled by the keyboard keys. The first player can use arrow key to move and the spacebar for action in the game. The second player can use letter keys like W, A, S and D to move and letter key Q for action.

The goal of the game is to collect all the fruits. In this game monsters play an important role. The player needs to be careful to avoid the monsters. Every level of this game is interesting but difficult from the previous version. While playing this game you need to be very careful not to be hit by the monsters. Block the enemy paths with the ice cubes and you can stop the enemy. By simply collecting the fruits from each level you can increase the points. You can collect bonus points if you complete each level quickly. In this game the enemy is designed uniquely with graphics. The colorful, wild enemies make the game more interesting for the children. An interesting thing about the game is that some fruits will run away and some tiles will force you to move fast.

Bad ice cream 2 is the sequel of the Bad ice cream. This is a fun game and an entertaining game. Some levels are easy to play, but some levels are difficult. Protection Status
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