Bad Ice Cream 3

Bad Ice Cream 3 Description

Bad ice cream 3 is the sequel to bad ice cream 2. The mission of the game is to pick all the fruits. Nitrome is the inventor of the bad ice cream 3. A game specially designed for the children. Graphics are one of the best features of this game. A game with fun and intellect helps the children to learn something new. This game also contains 40 levels.

The first player can use arrow key to move, and space key for the action. The second player can use the letter keys W, A, S, D to move and Q key for the action.

You can easily download the game. The arrow key will help you to play the game. You can choose the object and can move them easily by the arrow key. You need to use the space key to break the ice and make your way to get the fruits. Remember, you can win the game if you collect all the fruits from each level.

You need to very careful about the movement of your enemy. The interesting feature of this game is that the player doesn't have the power to kill the enemy. So be careful and keep a safe distance from the enemy. Make a proper strategy because after crossing every level the game gets new twists.

This game shows that the player needs to break all the ice cube to get the fruits. It is an entertaining game. Each level has a unique feature, it gets delicious fruits. Protection Status
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