Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber Description

Bob the robber is an adventurous game which shows the fight against corruption. Bob is a good man. His aim is to expose the mafia gang and to do that he needs to steal the evidence from the safe houses of the mafia. His main objective is to collect the evidences and don't get caught by the mafia and the corrupted guys.

The story reveals Bob, a good person, is fighting to free the city from corruption. He doesn't know how to solve that. So, the only option he is left with is to steal the evidence.

This game can be played online and offline. There are 5 stages to play in each level. While stealing evidences Bob will face many difficulties. While entering the safe house of mafia, he has to avoid the cameras carefully.

The trick to avoid the camera is to stand just under the camera and when the camera is looking at the other side, you need to cross it. The next step is to enter a room which is full of laser rays. After completing this step you have to enter a room which has the locked door protected by password, and you need to know the password to unlock the door.

Later, you will have to face some dogs who are protecting the room containing the lockers. So the game is not simple to play, but not so hard also. You need to use your intelligence to play this game and go pas all those securities. After completing this part, have in mind that there is also Bob The Robber 2 game, a sequel to this part.

The player can use the arrows to move. Also, they can use letter keys (W, A, S and D). To hit someone you can use space bar.