Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber 2 Description

This is the sequel of the game Bob the robber. This version depicts the main character with some new adventures.

A new twist is added to this game. The developer has included zombies in this new version. While in the privious version Bob was assigned to fight against the corruption, this new version reveals zombies aswell. Bob the robber 2 features cameras, laser, and dogs just as same as the last part. This version has introduced Bob again to fight against the city mafia and steal the money from the bad people of the city. This is an awesome game with some new tricks that has made the game even more interesting. This time Bob The Robber has to steals other necessary things too. He steals the clue and information of the mafia network, the corrupted business plan, money and other important information. For a new player, this game is a whole new arena to discover the journey of a thief. For an experienced player this game can be a thrilling contest against the city mafias. This game brings some new strategy into the plot. Sometimes it looks funny and sometimes quite intelligent. The images and the animation are truly beautiful. The player can control the whole game play. You can change the security system of safe house of the mafia to steal the important information. Overall, this is a good game with good visuals.

You can use arrows to move, also you can use letter keys (W, A, S and D) for the same job. Space bar can be used to hit. Letter keys Z, X and C to select the gadgets. W key is used for action.