Bomb It

Bomb It Description

Bomb it is an attractive game that every kid love to play. This game is designed with attractive colors like pink, green, blue, etc.. That every kid loves. The background music adds a score to this game. This game is a multiplayer game where a kid can get the accompany of his/her friend or with the parent. It is a 3-dimensional game. This game allows the player to choose their favorite partner who will play the role of you.

The player can choose the colored destructor which is available in yellow blue and green. Once the player chooses his partner, then it the player can start playing. The player can play the game as a single player game or as a dual player game. Upon choosing the number of players the controls get differs which can be seen in how to play. This game consist of different power up each has a specific feature capturing the power ups increases the chance of winning the game and completing the level. The benefits of each power ups can be seen in the power ups window.

After choosing the number of players the player needs to choose the level of difficulty between easy, normal and hard. There is the timer in this game and the player needs to kill their enemies and destruct the hurdles. Killing enemies and the destruction level of each player is calculated separately for their scores. Power ups will be more helpful in case of destruction. Extra scores will also be given based on the performance of each player which leads the to the next level.