Bowman Description

Bow and arrow have been one of the most important weapons for hunting since the stone age. It is an important sport in this century. Initially, it is mainly used for the purpose of safeguarding and hunting. You don't need to be a Stone Age person or an athlete to use a bow and arrow. Your role in bowman is an archer. Even though handling a bow and arrow requires special training. Practice section will help to be a perfect bowman.

You will be provided with the bow and arrow and with the help of it you need to hit the target. As a new archer it may be quite difficult. The practice section helps to master your archery skills. The bow and the arrow are controlled with the help of mouse. Changing shooting direction, aiming, etc. can be done with the help of the mouse. Setting degrees for hitting the target can also be done with the help of the mouse.

Apart from practicing section there are two other sections. They are Bowman Vs Human and Bowman Vs computer. As the name suggests Computer will be your competent in case of Bowman Vs computer and Human in case of Bowman Vs Human. In the case of Human the player needs to play both the role of bowman and the human. The one who kills the opponent first will become the winner. The 2-D image, the background image and the music make the game more interesting. The more you play the practice section the more the chances for winning. After completing this part, you need to know that Bowman 2 Unblocked is waiting for you!