Bowman 2

Bowman 2 Description

Bowman 2 is the advanced version of bowman where the role of the player is an archer. Apart from Bowman vs human and Bowman vs computer, bowman 2 also contains bird hunting. Bird hunting deals with hunting the birds which fly in the sky that appears in the screen. Dealing with bow and arrow requires some skills. Archery is an art of math. Calculations are required to aim perfect. Since practice is the only way which makes everything perfect. Working with a bow and arrow also has the same rule. You need to practice more to be a perfect archer.

The gamer should use the mouse to handle the bow and arrow. Shooting can be done with the help of a click. To know more about the controls and how to play the game refer the instructions on the main menu. Show index will display the power and the angle of the arrow when you pull back the arrow. Make a note that the angle should not exceed 45 degrees. Exceeding 45 degrees may lead to critical hit. The number of hits required to kill the opponent will be displayed as validity. This rule is same for all the shooting activities such as birds, human and computer. The game parameters can be changed with the help of settings. This game helps to increase your ability by improving your concentration. So it is not limited to kids if you are willing to increase your ability, then you are most welcome to play.