Breaking The Bank

Breaking The Bank Description

Breaking the bank is a cyber arcade game which you can play, which you can play without any costs associated with it. The game has attained some great ratings and is quite popular among gamers. The most eccentric steal man: the Stickman returns and is looting banks all around. This game is part of the Henry Stickman and also comprises of other popular versions such as Escaping the prison, Infiltrating The Airship, Stealing the Diamond etc.

Breaking the bank has some simple features and controls and the graphics are also quite eye pleasing. The game is made for people of all ages and was launched in 2013.

This funny stick feature is about a poor guy who is a loser in every possible way. You can choose the mode which would prove to be adequate for him. The options which you will get are laser drills, disguise, wrecking balls, tunnel passage or teleporter and many more. The game is very funny and just watching the guy in the game, try out various modes to get into the bank will make you laugh like never before.

You can use the mouse to select the different modes as well as to interact. The game gives you a funny and easy to follow instruction manual.

The game holds special popularity among the little tikes and making them come to know about it will definitely prove to be a great decision. So come and give this game a shot. It is a guarantee that you will love it. Protection Status
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