Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble Description

Bubble trouble as the name suggests a bubble may get you in trouble. Confused!! How can a bubble become a trouble?. But, it can when you didn"t shoot it. Yes in this game you need to shoot the bubble in order to save your life. Bubble trouble is a single or dual player game. The gamer can opt either for single player or dual player as their wish. The controls gets different in case of single and dual player. To know more about the controls visit the controls page.

Bubble trouble is designed with both 2-D and 3-D technologies. The bubble is designed in 3-D and the shooter with 2-D. In this game the player needs to shoot the bubble that displays on the screen. The bubble will be floating on the screen which may hit the player. The player needs to safeguard himself from the bubble without getting hit. If the player gets hit by the bubble, then it leads to death of the payer which indirectly reduces the number of lives. The player can safeguard himself by shooting the bubble. Upon shooting the bubble it may split into two and two to four, depending on the level. Upon clearing each level you need to be careful about the bubble that may hit you.

The background music used for this game is more attractive. The sound used for shooting makes it more realistic. The color of the bubble that changes at every level attracts the kids. It increases the concentration level of every player who plays the game. Bubble trouble is not limited to kids and there is also a Bubble Trouble 2, a sequel to this game.