Bubble Trouble 2

Bubble Trouble 2 Description

If you love bubble trouble where you need to shoot a bubble which may cause you some trouble then you will absolutely love its extended version bubble trouble 2. This game is a combination of 2-D and 3-D where the floating bubble is designed by using the 3-D technique and the shooter/player is designed by using the 2-D technique. The Keyboard is the only control for this game. Yes! Unlike bubble shooter, bubble shooter 2 is a single player game. You can set your own controls with the help of the setup.

You can start playing by entering your nickname. You can either choose single player or staying alive to shoot. Upon choosing single player you will be playing the same game as bubble shooter. But unlike bubble shooter where the size of the bubble increases by level here the number of bubbles gets increased. In case of staying alive, the number of bubbles that falls at a time is more which will be of different sizes from small to large shooting will split the bubbles and make it more.

For both the staying alive and single player there are a timer and 3 lives. The more you shoot within the time the more you score. A simple trick to score more is to "make a move and shoot". Yes! Just move one step and shoot and then move one step and shoot again, which helps you to shoot more. But, be aware that you are away from the bubble since hitting a bubble may lead to death. To know more about the game and controls visit the help page.