Burrito Bison Revenge

Burrito Bison Revenge Description

Being a modification of the earlier Burrito Bison game, this one promises to be a cracker jack of am game. With better the graphics, better the bonuses and more importantly, better the fun, the game lover in you are sure to be pleased to bits. This epic sequel was launched in the year 12/15/14 and has managed to attain a fair number of fans.

In the game you will find that the bison is really angry and is out for revenge. He is not going to stop by any means and will eliminate whatever comes in this way. He seems to be angry at some little candy bear and so he wants to squash every one of them. Yes, that's right folks, you mess with this bull, you certainly will get the horns.

The instructions as well as the main keys are similar to the previous version. You need to make sure that you launch yourself properly as you will get extra cash. Mouse click or use the space bar to utilize your rocket slams to destroy gummy bears and along with that you can also use it to maintain your speed. You should refer to the instructions properly for each and every unique enemy in order to get a speed boost up.

There is also an instruction manual which you can use to check out the various mechanisms. So just try it out once.

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