Cactus McCoy 2

Cactus McCoy 2 Description

This is the sequel of the Cactus McCoy, a flash game developed by Flipline Studios.

Cactus McCoy 2 contains 12 levels to play. Also, there are some changes in the weapons department. With 15 new weapons there are total 75 weapons now from which you can choose. There are 60 challenges that the main character has to face and he has to discover 60 treasures. A new adventure of this game is the treasure hunt in a temple.

McCoy discovered a hidden treasure in a temple. When he attempts to collect the treasure he is stopped by a woman whose name is Ella Windstorm. The game reveals some new and completely nice features. Tony Solary is the designer of this game. Matt Neff has beautifully made the animation of the whole game. The sound effects of this game is awesome and the credit goes to Neff.

The player can use the right arrow key and the left arrow key to move. Letter key A can be used to jump. You can use the S key to attack the enemies. D key can be used to drop the current weapon. The down arrow can be used to pick a new weapon from the ground. The down arrow key also can be used to open the treasure box.

This version of the game has become more enjoyable with the new adventures and weapons added to its inventory. So, login today and start playing!