Cave Chaos

Cave Chaos Description

Cave chaos is a multiplayer and very interesting game which needs proper skills. The game is all about completing each level without being killed.

Cave chaos shows the main character of this game is trapped in a cave and he needs to find ways to get out of that cave. The most amazing feature of the game is the introduction of the bats.

In this game bats are going to be the difficulties for you. They will try to stop you from entering the next level. Throughout the game you have to jump, and move to save yourself from the boulders, boxes, barrels.

The bats will drop all those things to stop you and if you get hit by those, you will die. That means you need to keep your concentration and cool so that the bats are not able to kill you. Patience and minute concentration is needed to play this game. A twist in this game is that you can enhance your power to jump and can manage to save yourself from the bat attacks.

You can use the left arrow on the keyboard to move the main character on the left, you can use the right arrow on the keyboard to move the character to the right side. Up arrow can be used to jump. As this game is a multiplayer game, so the second player can use A and D to move left and right. Also he can use the W key to jump.

Cave chaos is truly a funny game. After the first few levels are up, you will be able to play this with more ease.