Cyclomaniacs 3 Epic

Cyclomaniacs Epic Description

Cyclomaniacs 3 is the sequel of the two previous cycling games named as Cyclomaniacs and Cyclomaniacs 2. Like the previous versions, here also, you have to race with other cycles and complete the achievements. You will be awarded in game money to upgrade your cycle. To upgrade your cycle to the fullest you have to complete the achievements in every track which will give you in game cash. So you have to practice a lot for gaining all of these and also for reaching the destination within time.

The game has a simple but very impressive game play and only requires a flash player in your computer in order to be played.

Cyclomaniacs 3 has a very simple control method. If you want to be a good player you have to use the four arrow keys of the keyboard to control the cycle properly. If you want to accelerate with your bike then press the up arrow key and if you want to slow down your bike then press the down arrow key. The right and the left arrow keys are used for leaning forward and leaning backward. Spacebar and X is used for making a jump.