Dead Zed

Dead Zed Description

The name of the game may give some horror effect. As the name suggests, you are in the world of zombies. This is an adventurous game and is a perfect feed for the adventure lovers. The plot of the game starts with the zombie apocalypse. One midnight you found yourself in the zombie apocalypse. To get the help you need to survive in the world of blood sucking zombies for 40 days. Getting scared?? Don't worry, you will be provided with a gun and you can kill the zombies which you notice with the help of it. Whenever you kill the zombies you will gain some time to get the resource.

By clearing each and every level you can gain some time to survive. Killing the un-dead can be done with the help of a gun. Even though you can shoot it anywhere shooting at its head (head shot) will kill it at one shoot where others may require two to three shots. The head shot provides you 10 points and with other shots you may get 5 points. Proper aiming will kill the zombie at one shoot. Aiming requires more concentration and is bit calculative since, the zombie moves towards you.

This is 3-dimensional single player game. The game becomes more realistic because of the 3-D effect and the gun shoot time. The map which displays on the start screen gives the feeling of the quest.

The game becomes more thrilling and adventurous because of the dark effect (night atmosphere) used in this game. Have a great adventurous journey with zombies in Dead Zed and make sure you check Dead Zed 2 after completing the first version.