Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed 2 Description

This game deals with the zombie world. To survive in this world the gamer need to find the other survivors, weapon to protect from the zombies, casualties and the supplies. For each and every thing there is some separate points. The player's role is the human survivor in the zombie world who need to wait for the rescue team. The gamer needs to protect himself from the zombies. In this game different type of weapons will be used by the player. Upon completing each level the player may gain a new weapon, find a survivor, get some supplies. The weapon ranges from pistol to bow and arrow.

This game also deals with different season and different atmosphere. Dead Zed 2 is a 3-dimensional single player zombie game which gives the feel of the real world atmosphere. The background colors the real world images and materials makes it more realistic. As an add on the sound effects make it more thrilling and exciting. Upon clearing each level the gamer successfully passes a day in the zombie world. As the level goes higher the number of zombies also gets increased.

Both keyboard and mouse are used for controls. To know more about the controls visit the instructions page. When you aim perfectly you can kill the zombie with head shot which kills in one shot. Every Head shot carries +10 points. Apart from head shots others shots carries points ranging from 5 to 7. The Timer is also there where it notes down the time taken at each level to kill the zombies. Remember more the head shot the more the score.