Dino Run

Dino Run Description

Dino Run is a single user game. This game deals with one of the extinct creature "Dinosaurs". The craze of the age of Dino's has made everyone research about it. There exists a question in every researcher how they become extinct?. They say many reasons for it. There is no perfect proof obtained yet for the reason behind the extinction of the past rule of the earth. But you may save them from the extinction.

In this game you are going to save a Dino from the age of extinction. You may have a question How? But it is so simple. Yes! Just by running. Upon entering into the game you may see a Dino in green you need to save the Dino from the natural disaster. Even if it is running it can't be simple when there exists hurdles in the way it's run. You need to help it to jump, catch its food, save the egg and run. During this run even other Dinos may become a hurdle when it stands in the way. Saving the egg on the way will help from the extinction of the species. So don't miss the chance to collect the eggs. This game requires lots of concentration.

Once the speed of the Dino gets reduced, then it will be difficult to save it. Since there occurs a natural explosion the speed may get reduced because of the obstacles and by which it may get affected. Beware of rocks which may hit the Dino and make it extinct. The more area the Dino run's the more the chance for its life and of course your score. Dino Run 2 is the sequel of this game and is also very fun and addictive part of our great collection of unblocked games!