Douchebag Workout

Douchebag Workout Description

The game douche-bag workout is not just a game, it is a game describing the life situation of a person. This is safe to say that every guy has experienced the bitter truth of reality. It is the norm of the society that guys with a well build body structure will attract the most of eye balls, especially among the female section of the crowd.

The game has been stacked with superb graphics as well as 99% reality experience. The game is mainly about a guy who was fade up with his sleek and slim body structure and to do something about that he went to the gym. The set up of the game is as such that you will have to make this guy do his exercises properly and with the smart and easy to handle controls you can easily succeed in your quest.

When you enter into the game section you will find that there are a few options such as gym, food and shopping. In the gym section you will get different options such as lower arm, ABS, upper body, upper leg, lower leg, neck and also cardio workouts. The control is given as soon as you click on each of the options and with the option given, you will have to do the workout fast, cause if not then the site will; state that the workout is a failure. Along with the exercise you must not forget the other aspects such as sleep, food and also some time of relaxation such as shopping, a haircut and also some misc activities. In order to progress faster, you can also make use of special doping, and steroids. Extra efforts bring extra benefits and once you have managed to attain the figure which you started to achieve, you can purchase some clothes. The game is quite popular and easy to play. Just give it a shot. There is also a sequel of the game called Douchebag Workout 2, make sure you give it a try after you pass the first version!