Drag Racer v3

Drag Racer v3 Description

Drag Racer v3 is very popular among the crazy game lovers. It is an exciting game. The interesting feature is that the game shows the rarest but popular cars. That means you have the opportunity to avail any of those rare cars. This racing game helps you to purchase your favorite car. The term "drag racer" is mainly related to the sports car. The game shows extreme racing skill among the racers. Drag racer actually points out the speed contest between two altered cars. This is actually a car racing, which involves the fastest speed of the car.

The game contains two different game modes. One is Arcade Mode, and another is Under Mode. If you choose the first mode, then you can only choose the car that can serve you for the speed only. But if you select the second mode, then you can choose the best world famous model of the racing cars. This mode helps you more quickly to win the race. Also, you have an opportunity to collect enough credits, so that you can buy high-end cars.

The game shows that, you can reach the finishing line very quickly, but to do this you need to acquire a unique driving skill and sufficient driving preparation. Also, timing is a great factor to gain the highest speed. If you maintain the timing and increase your speed, then you can easily touch the finishing line. So every game lover wants to play this game, and the important thing is that there is no age limit to play this game.