Duck Life 4

Duck Life 4 Description

Duck Life 4 unblocked is a sequel to the previous version of Duck life 3. This game contains better graphics, different maps. Another most interesting and entertaining game is Duck life 4. The objective of this game is to increase the level and compete with other competitors. You can find six maps in the game. The maps are grasslands, swamp, mountains, glacier, city, and volcano. Your duck will be trained in the first five maps. And after the training, your duck participates in a tournament. Only after the completion of the tournament, the next map will be unlocked. To take part in a tournament, you need to defeat some ducks in a map.

Each map has a tournament, and your duck will be involved in the tournament, and if your duck wins, then you can win a lot of money, and then you can have the chance to play another tournament in the next map. Remember, each tournament consists of three races. When you are going to start the game, you need to select the duck, which will participate in the tournaments. You can use the same duck for all the three tournaments.

You have to complete all the rounds and earn more points in the game. Every duck needs the energy to compete against other ducks. It is your responsibility to see whether your duck enough energy to participate in the game. Truly, this game is a fun game. If you have already played the previous versions of this duck life series, then it is obvious that you will like to play this game again.