Escaping The Prison

Escaping The Prison Description

If you are a fan of Stickman games, then you will love Escaping the prison. This game is the second part of the Henry Stickman when he is held captive by the police authorities. The game was launched in 10/02/13 and since then it has managed to get tons of fans. The instructions are simple to follow and also have attained some great ratings from gamers all around the world.

This select your own escape plan is extremely funny and while playing you will find ample opportunity to please yourselves. You will have wide smiles on your faces. However the stakes are quite high as if you fail in your ordeal, then you will be sentenced to another 50 years of prison. You will have to assist the stick man to get out of prison successfully. You will get a host of options to tend to. The main objective is to get out of prison. You can use your own points to play this wonderful game. Plus you can click on the numerous items as well as facilities which will unlock as you progress in the game. There are three modes which you can use to get your stick man out.

All the controlling has to be done using the mouse. There is also an instruction manual which is presented just to make you aware about the ways needed to adopt for playing the game properly. The game is great and also quite addictive as per the comments of various gamers who have played it. So just give it a try. If you like this game then make sure you also check Infiltrating The Airship, Stealing the Diamond and Breaking The Bank. Protection Status
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