Fnacy Pants Adventure 2

Fancy Pants Adventure 2 Description

Fancy pants adventure 2 is the sequel of Fancy pants adventure series. This time the developer has brought some new stylish features for the heroic Fancy Pants character. As it's previous version, this game is also developed by Brad Borne.

This game is very simple to play but difficult to win. It contains only 11 levels and it reveals the high speed of the acrobatic character. This flash game has beautifully depicted the character. The levels are visually charming with great color. The character can be controlled easily in this version. There are some boring features in this game. Swimming and weapon related element are truly frustrating. Mobile users can face the touch-sensitive problem while playing this game. The player gets the opportunity to change the color of the pants. A unique rhythm of music is resented in the game and the animation of this game is truly attractive. Better flawlessness to play this game is another feature of this game.

The player can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the game. Arrows to control the movement of the character. Left arrow to move the character to left direction, right arrow to move the character to right direction. Use up arrow to open the door, down arrow to control the sliding. Space bar can be used to pause the game. You can use the S key to jump.

After completing this part make sure you also check Fancy Pants 3, the last version of the game!