Learn To Fly 2

Learn To Fly 2 Description

Learn to fly 2 unblocked is the sequel to the first version. The second version also depicts the attempt of the penguin. In this game, you can see the penguin is injured and shifted to hospital. After discharging from the hospital, the Penguin again begins his attempt to fly high in the air, and to take down snowmen and icebergs. The player needs to help him to succeed in his attempt. The interesting feature of the game is that it contains three game modes. The modes are the story mode, the arcade mode, and the classic mode.

Now in the story mode, the penguin will take down the iceberg which is responsible for his suffering. One amazing fact about this game is that the penguin can use a dummy to see the probable consequence before any attempt and action. Also, a significant change in this game is that the penguin uses only one glider in the first game. But in the second version, he gets four gliders to use. Also, as a player, you can purchase rocket boosters, payloads, different types of sleds.

Payloads are used to take down icebergs, and the sled is used to slide down.

Arcade mode is important to calculate the budget because you have to purchase various upgrades in the game. You can have three different sets of budgets. Remember, you can score good results with your earning amount.

Classic mode mainly shows the objective of the game. That means this mode reveals the idea and efforts of the penguin to fly high as much as he can.