Line Rider

Line Rider Description

Line rider one of the most popular games among kids. This popular game was created by Bostjan Cadez in the year of 2006, September and it becomes famous among people quickly. Later game designers have modified this game and introduced several versions. Its amazing graphics, smooth sound effect, scenery background have made this game more beautiful and attractive. Line Rider is featured by so many websites such as Yahoo, but this game mainly uses The best part of this game is that it not so hard to play. Game designers made this game, especially for the kids.

The main concept of this game is to draw one or more than one line with the help of the mouse. You have to draw the line in a way so that a boy with a sled can ride through the line. When you press the play button boy will start his ride. You can draw the line according to your wish. The line can be a straight line, or the line may include so many loops. If the line contains loops, then difficulty level of the game will be increased. You can save the track which you have drawn and share it with others.

Altogether this is a funny game. Kids can enjoy this game. The best part of this game that now you can download this game on your Smartphone device. You can save this game to play it later. The mobile version is available right now that means you can play Line Rider Unblocked whenever you want to play.