Mario Combat

Mario Combat Description

Computer game lovers must have heard the name of Mario Combat. This is one of the most popular games among kids. This is the famous battle based internet game. This game is belonging from the adventure game genre. Game designers have developed this game with several attractive features. Its wonderful graphics and beautiful sound effects have made this game unique from others. Game designers have modified this game and introduced this latest version named Mario Combat. The main concept of this game is to collect points by defeating various obstacles.

In this game, Mario, an Italian guy will collect coins and earn points in every level. You have to navigate Mario carefully through four tough levels. Each level is filled with different obstacles which will come to Mario's way. There will be many red color turtles. You have to move forward by defeating this turtles. In this version, Mario cannot destroy the turtles by simply jumping on the turtles. Mario has to fight with the turtles, and he has to proof himself as a stronger guy.

In this version, Mario has to prove that he is a great fighter. He has to complete each level by defeating all the turtles. Besides of defeating turtles Mario has to collect coins. As much your Mario will collect coins, you will earn more points. Difficulty level will be increased according to the increasing of the level. You will have several numbers of different types of difficulties. Now you can play this on your Smartphone device also.