Miragine War

Miragine War Description

Miragine war is the game which mainly depicts the fight between two countries. Very few games are there which represents the fight of two countries.

The story represents two countries. A red country and a blue country. This is an action game. The player will place his best army group to fight against rival army group and to capture the crystal. This crystal is the source of the power house. Also, the player will save the crystals from the enemies with the help of his armies. The player will train the army and strategically direct them to save the land and crystals too. Beautiful graphics of this game is an extra advantage to play this game because it truly attracts the player. This game can be played with a single player mode which easy and simple and can give you the opportunity to play as you want to. While searching for the best army the player needs to be more conscious because best can only challenge the rivalry. This searching needs some skill and thoughtful, imaginative power. Because the ultimate result of this game depends on upon the effort of the army.

The player can use Mouse to control the game. The player can also use WASD keys instead of Mouse.

The game is available in two modes. A single player mode and multiplayer mode. The unique thing about this game is the careful selection of the army. While playing the game, the player will get enough opportunity to select his army from various troops.