Potty Racers 2

Potty Racers 2 Description

All the computer lovers are so much familiar with this most popular game. After getting famous, the version 2 game designers have modified this game and introduced this latest version. People of every age can play and enjoy this internet game. Kids also love to play this fun oriented game. This game is a bit different from other computer games. Because of its high demand game designers have designed this latest version with so many extra features to make this game more funny and attractive too. It's beautifully designed graphics, smooth sound effect, and easy game controls have made this game more popular among people.

Game designers have modified this game by keeping the same concept. They just have added some extra features. The main aim of this game is to reach to the other island with the car which is full of potty. Like the previous version here also a stick man drives the car. Between the two islands, there is a river. You have to speed up in a way so that the stick man can reach to the other land safely.

In this way, you will earn money. You can buy extra biofuel, trail, wings, canopy or landing wheels by your earning money. All these equipment will help you reach to the other land safely. You can take help of these things. Like the previous version here also difficulty level will be increased according to the increasing of the level. Now you can play this famous game on your Smartphone device. So, save it and play this funny game or find some other great games at Unblocked Games homepage.