Raft Wars

Raft Wars Description

This game is from the shooting unblocked games category. The developer of the game is BubbleBox.com. The main character of this game is Simon. The story of the game starts with Simon's discovery of gold and diamonds on the beach. Totally worth of the gold and diamonds are ten million dollars. But the game gets a new twist when people from several parts claim that they are the owner of the gold and the diamonds. And Simon with his brother needs to make some fruitful plans to save their findings from the clutches of the bad people. Even they have to fight against the most terrifying enemies to save the fortune. The interesting part of this game is that it is a free online game.

You have to play the game using your intellect because you have to tackle your enemies, simultaneously you have to protect your gold and diamond. Every part of this game is full of thrilling incidents. You need to identify your enemies properly as they are present in different shapes. You have to face Pirates, Vikings, and other different enemies. To complete the game you have to play all the levels of the game. Complete every level and move to the next one. You can have the option to upgrade your raft so that you can be able to take more hits. You can buy arms and ammunitions to defend the enemy. This adventure game is truly good for the newcomers also. It is a fun game.