Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 2 Description

This is the sequel of Raft Wars 1. In this game, you can find more adventure. The game starts with the sequence of the previous plot. You can play this game with the previous gaming experience. The story of the game is that somebody is trying to build a water-park just on the top of your buried treasure. Once the water park is built, you have to enter the park by some tricks and has to fight against the enemies to protect and secure the treasure. One interesting part of the game is to enter the water park. This game is a shooting game.

The difference between the previous game and the present game is that in the raft wars 2 you have to move through the water park to recover the gold and diamonds. Now to reach there, you have to play some tricks. Even after entering into the waterpark you need to fight against the enemy. In this game, you need to complete all the levels. Complete every level and you can move to another level; simultaneously you can collect more points. This collection helps you to upgrade the necessary parts of the game. You have the opportunity to select your weapon, and you can shoot tennis balls to force the enemies into the water. Also, like the raft wars 1, this edition has the option to upgrade your raft for the final fight against the enemies. So play this interesting game with fun.