Raze 2

Raze 2 Description

In this game you have to fight against the aliens to save the human world from the alien invasion. To play this game the player can use various weapons. For example: ripper, plasma shot, flame thrower, iron cannon are just a few of the available guns. The player has the opportunity to select which weapon he wants to use. After each round the player can accumulate credits and buy the upgrades. The player can be a rescuer or he can play the game to eliminate the human race and to support the aliens.

Like the first version in this game arrow keys are also used to move around. You can also use W, A, S and D keys on the keyboard for the same. The Mouse can be used to aim the enemy and to shoot the aliens. The player can actually use the mouse to kill the aliens. Q and E - these two keys are used to switch the weapon. Number keys from 1 to 9 can be used to select the prefered gun. Ctrl and F key are used for the best ability.

An Interesting feature of the game is the unique soundtrack and the inclusion of some new tricks to play this game. Remember this is not an online multiplayer game. Raze 2 is a flash and adventurous game. For the new player it will take some time to understand the new tricks. But the game is truly unique. Raze 3 is a sequel to this game and is actually an upgrade to it.