Shopping Cart Hero 3

Shopping Cart Hero 3 Description

You all have played stickman games before, and all have enjoyed its every version which released so far in the market. The game is said to be the upgraded version of the Shopping cart and promises plenty of joy and happiness. The game does not need an introduction. Considering the kind of response it has generated amongst the game enthusiasts, you can say that this third version of the shopping cart hero is without a doubt one of the most awaited flash games around the market.

The theme of the game is very simple. All you have to do is prove your mettle and fly the longest distance possible. You will have to become the best shopping hero; you will have to collect money along the way. The jumps, as well as the descent, will have to be eccentric and the more unique it turns out to be, the better the points you gather.

In order to understand the strategies as well as the tricks and techniques, you will get a gameplay option which enlightens you about the various aspects. It will polish your skills make you confident. The levels upgrade in between, and so you will have to keep that in mind. The controls are also very simple and involve using the arrow keys for moving the carts.

Just try out this fun-filled game and you are sure to find it amazing. The game is versatile and is loved by people of all age groups. To know about the instructions and also to watch the gameplay, refer to Google or any search engine.