Sim Taxi

Sim Taxi Description

Sim taxi is completely fun game. There are so many ways to earn money in this game. Taxi driving is one of them. The objective of the game is to simply understand the job of a taxi driver. A taxi driver just picks up passengers and helps them to reach their destinations safely.

This game is truly a good game. You start the game and you can see three modes of the game. The three modes are standard mode, Practice mode, and the last one is the Time attack mode. In Time attack mode, you need to be very punctual. You need to carry your passengers to their destinations within the given time frame. A new player always needs to try the standard mode. In this mode, you can get several instructions while driving your taxi. You have to obey the directions of your company. You can see a green circle around a passenger who urgently needs a taxi so that you can pick them first then the others.

You can use the left arrow key to drive the taxi safely to the left side of the road. Also you can use the right arrow key to drive safely to the right side of the road. Press the up arrow key to accelerate the car. You can use the down arrow key to use the brake of the car.

Also an interesting feature of this game is that you can use letter keys on the keyboard to use the radio. The R letter key can be used to switch on or switch off the radio. Number keys can be used to adjust or change the radio stations.