Stealing The Diamond

Stealing The Diamond Description

Stealing the diamond is a simple game which is about a stupid fellow who showcases his alluring diamond to a stick man. This Stickman was quite impressed by the alluring power of the fellow's diamond and since he is jobless and broke, he decides to steal it away from him. If you are a player of the game you will have to help this stick man to steal that diamond. You will need to execute all his formulated plans properly without any guff-ups. There are plenty of modes which you can use to complete this task. You can assist him employ his anti gravity suit, laser weapons, cannons, laser guns and also help him break into museums to complete the task. This online game is one hilarious one and will constantly keep making you burst out in laughter.

The controls are hassle free as everything is done using the mouse. There is also an instruction manual for your assistance and if you are a first timer, you can learn about the game quickly via that.

This is another wonderful edition of Stick games and just like all the other versions is also quite popular. The game has managed to attain quite some popularity in the game world and has also attained some wonderful feedbacks. The graphics are simple but the way the things take place is amusing. It is some your kids will definitely like. So introduce the game to them and make them addicted to something good. There are also the following version of stickman series Infiltrating The Airship, Escaping the prison and Breaking The Bank. Protection Status
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