Tentacle Wars

Tentacle Wars Description

Have been envying those octopuses for their powerful tentacles that they use to strangle their enemies?
In that case Tentacle Wars lets you have tentacles of your own. The game takes you back to the Biology classes where the teacher gave you random lectures on various microbes. Logic is one of the key aspects of this game. The better logic you apply, the more you advance to the higher levels of the game.

The game revolves around your strategy to make use of your tentacles to attack the proceeding enemy in the game. The animated microbes are actually the enemy that you need to hunt down. Make sure that you make use of the cleverest of all tactics to win the game. The growth of the microbes in the game brings about an increase in their power. The gamers need to hunt down the microbes before they develop. You need to let the cells develop in a strategic manner and form tentacles so that you can attack the enemy.

You need to make use of the mouse to interact throughout the game. The instructions of the game have been written in English that makes it easier for you to understand them.

The game enhances and sharpens your mind to a great extent. You need to be very alert about the way you attack your enemies. The game is a great way to enhance the cognitive capacity of an individual.