The Unfair Platformer

The Unfair Platformer Description

The unfair platformer is a flash unblocked game. One most interesting thing about this game is that it is a platform game. A fun game, but different, because this game takes long time to cross the finish line.

To play this game the player needs to use his skills. Several times the player will lose the game, and several times he has to live to finish this game. The game is interesting but needs extra attention and patience.

While playing this game you will face many traps. You should be very careful and try to avoid those traps in each level. The traps are death holes, moving platform, death spikes. The unique animation of this game is truly beautiful. The traps in this game are the main feature, because they give you lots of challenges to cover. Many times you will be killed, because there are so many traps that are ready to stop you. This portion of this game is the most challenging portion. A new gamer will need some time to understand the strategy and the tricks of unfair platformer. This will help him or her to play safe. Very few times you can save yourself avoiding all the traps in each level. Throughout this game some invisible death holes will appear and you can be pushed into the holes. This process will go on until you can understand the way to avoid this. So don't be frustrated and leave the game before you crash your computer. Just concentrate and use your skill and you can be the winner.