Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario Description

For a new player Unfair Mario will bring some difficulty to solve the problems. As you cross the levels, you can gradually understand the tricks of the play. This game has the beautiful 2D version. An interesting feature of this game is the invention of the harmful poisonous green grass. You can step on the green grass. One more harmful thing is the green tube. So while playing this game be more careful and try to avoid the green grass and green tube. The graphics of the 2D version of this game are attractive and the music of this game is also good. The 2D version has brought some changes in the game.

You can start the game with start mode. Remember this game reveals many traps to exploit you. To avoid these things you should be more attentive. Don't jump on the green grass. Every wrong step will decrease the chance of gaining points. This game can't be played slowly. If you try to play it slowly, you can't. Sometimes to avoid some traps you have to play with more activeness.

Unfair Mario is truly a good game to play with patience and attention. Once you step into the game you will face several problems. You will have to solve those problems. A good feature of this game is the blend of graphics with the music. You can enjoy the background music while playing the game and finishing the tasks. Cat Mario Unblocked is another very similar game to this one, so after completing it, in case you are looking for more adventure then check it out!