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List Of Top 5 Horror Games To Play

Horror has a vast meaning. What may be scary for one person may not be for another. Back in the old days’ people used to buy DVDs of horror movies to get the blood rushing, the heart thudding and to get the chills. To feel everything, family and friends used to sit together, turn off the lights and increase the volume, which would create a horror scenario. The 2 to 3-hour long movie keeps everyone scared and entertained and glued to the screen. The sudden screams and sound effects are deadly, and people cannot even anticipate what would happen next.


There have been so many horror movies released. Compared to the past the screening is much more realistic. Horror includes zombies, monsters, psyche killers, murderers, suspense, aliens, spirits and much more. The trend is to incorporate the bestselling movies into novels and video games.

By turning the horror movies into video games, you can feel the horror and suspense because you are one of the characters and playing the horror scene. Some horror video games also come with the option of 3D glasses. The video games today have special and realistic effects, which will involve you completely and you will get your adrenaline rushing.

A list of top 5 horror games has been compiled for your ease, so you do not have to search for the best. So, what are you waiting for? Turn off the lights, and select the best horror game from the list and be ready to wet your pants.

1.  Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This game is playing with death. The movie is based on a dark and scary mansion with twists and turns. There are so many stalking dark figures. In the game, you play as Daniel, who wakes up in this creepy, old mansion and has to find a way to escape. You will constantly be attacked by huge shadows, blood-curling screams, and rooms with no way out. You will have to keep your sanity alive and reach the end. The worst part is the water part of the game, which if you succeed to pass without getting killed, which many cannot, then you are clear. You have run from a monster as well. You have nothing to fight with, and also there are hardly any lights. The effects are superb and are a must play for a horror game fanatic.

2.  Alien: Isolation

A plethora of games have been inspired by the fictional alien character, but this one beats all. The plot is tense and terrifying and will make your hairs raised till the end. The game is of a surviving nature. If you can survive the gruesome aliens hidden in nooks and corners or emerging suddenly from nowhere then you can win. You have to run and escape from a single alien known as Xenomorph. There are a few tools available for you to use and escape but the catch is that the more tools you use, the alien will be closer to you and can catch you easily.

1.  Dead space

This game is not scary in a realistic sense. It is for those who love to play with fictional zombies and monsters. The plot is an engineer who is repairing a broken ship in a deserted, dark place. You are surrounded by headless bony species who are not affected by a gunshot. The head is even situated on the sides in some. These hideous creatures cause your adrenaline to rush to its peak. These species tend to jump out of closets or dark hallways. The perfect word to define these species would be gruesome and evil. This game will keep you locked down for hours with anticipated fear at each step.

2.  Outlast

This is a game that tests your wits and scares the hell out of you. You play the part of a journalist Miles Upshur who is always looking for good stories to write. The worst happens to him when he hears about a psychiatric asylum. His gut feeling tells him not to go, but he still does, only to find revolting dead and mutilated bodies. What follows next is a game of hiding, run, escape and survive which is next to impossible. The best feature of this game which makes it stand out is that is played on the night. The only hope for you is the night vision camera you are carrying to escape your way out. Sadly, the batteries are ending, and you have search hidden batteries for extra power and escape as fast as you can. The game is a never-ending horror thrill which will keep you at the edge of your seat.

3.  Until Dawn

The movie is based on the traditional plot of a group of teenage friends going for a vacation to a small deserted mountain cabin. A mysterious creature is set to kill all of them and wants no one to survive. Teenage killing is a norm of horror movies. In this also you have to play your part of the hide and seek. All the friends can be saved if the game is played well. The screams and the sudden emergence of the creature will make you hide under the sofas. The game is not scary itself but to run and avoid being killed mercilessly is scary. The player has the option of playing all the different eight players and can experience death in different ways. The unexpected scares and jumps are the major feature of this game.

These were the top five horror games for you to play. However, to have a better experience, turn the volume to full and turn off the lights and play alone. These games are fun and a great way to have a good time.

Disclaimer: If you are sensitive or have any problems then, please do not play this kind of games as it can risk your health. These games are not advisable for children and old people.