Boxhead Zombie Wars

Boxhead Zombie Wars Description

Boxhead zombie war is an interesting and adventurous game which gives more excitement upon reaching each and every level. This is a 3-dimensional single player game. As per the name box head the zombies and the players appear box-headed. The game is designed in the way that the player enters into the hell which is completely ruled by zombies. The background depicts the forest environment. The sounds such as gun shoot used in this game make it more interesting. It also makes it more realistic.

The game has four different stages such as beginner, intermediate, expert and nightmare as the name suggests every stage has its own level of difficulty. Each and every stage has different levels. As the level increases the difficulty also gets increased. At level 1 the player will be provided with a pistol to shoot the zombies that try to attack the player. The player needs to kill the zombies by shooting them. Shooting zombies will provide bonus like weapon up gradation and health improvement.

When the player kills all the zombies that try to attack the level will get clear and will lead to the next level. As the level increases the number of zombies and type of zombies also get increased. Clearing each level will increase the score. Following a simple rule/trick will help you to clear the level easier. Try to kill the zombies by moving from one place to another without shooting from one place. Shooting from one place may increase the chance of getting killed. To know more, play more by crossing each level.