Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter Description

If you are good at aims and have an apt for matching colors, this is definitely one game that you would love to play. The game is an uncomplicated one and does not require much of a strategy. Aim is a great thing that you need to have while you are playing the game.

The game requires you to have a great sense of alertness. The bubbles keep proceeding downwards. An alert mind will always help you shoot the right color bubbles at the right time. The theme of the game is a colorful one that helps attract the attention of the players. Bubble shooter is a great choice when you want to while away your free moments, yet get a sense of achievement during your free hours. You are given the option to select colored bubbles of your own choice that makes it easier for you to shoot bubbles of the required color.

The game does not require much external resources. It is played with the help of a mouse.

  • Place the cursor of the mouse on the arrow given to take a perfect aim towards the heap of advancing bubbles.
  • Once you have taken the aim, click on the bubble to release the bubble when desired.
  • You can click on the bubbles to change the color if you please.