Cactus McCoy

Cactus McCoy Description

This is an adventure game. The character is beautifully depicted in this game or you can say the character is a unique combination of strangeness and beauty. While talking about the dress that he wears, we can say that the designer has truly invented some funny designs to make him look that way or rather make him popular. Flipline Studios has developed the game. Tony Solary is the designer of the character, Cactus McCoy. We can see Cactus McCoy wearing a black hat with brown strip round the hat. He has a red necktie. His eyes are brown and his hair is brown also. His skin color is green. Honestly, he is a cactus man, what can you expect. This peculiar but funny character is the star attraction of the play. The main character of this game needs to find 60 hidden treasures. And to complete the job he will have to travel several areas. While completing his job the player can use 59 weapons, some of them are iron, boxing gloves, fists etc.

You can use left and right arrows on the keyboard to move the character. The left and right arrow keys are also used to move over the ropes. The down arrow can be used to kneel down. Also this arrow can be used to open the treasure boxes. And to pick a weapon you can use the same down arrow key. A can be used to jump. You can use the S key to attack the enemies. D key can be used to drop the weapon.