Cyclomaniacs Description

If you are looking for an online cycling racing game then Cyclomainacs can be very good choice for you. This game is a complete cycle racing game in which you need to complete some achievements in order to unblock the next levels. So if you want to prove yourself as a very good racing game player then this game is for you as here you have to race along with the other cycles and also there are lots of achievements which you have to collect to clear a level. If you like the game then we recommend you check the sequels of the game called Cyclomaniacs 2 and Cyclomaniacs Epic.

The game play of this Cyclomaniacs is very interesting. Here you will find a lot of levels and also a lot of drivers. The different levels of the game are The Dlines, Plaetoid, Volcania etc. Again in each level you will find different tracks. You have to select a track for racing with other cycles and in the beginning of the race you will be shown what achievements you have to earn from that track.

The control of this game is very easy as it only requires the keyboard. Here the main keys for running the cycle are the arrow keys. The up arrow key is the accelerating key while the left and right arrows are used for balancing the cycle. The down arrow key is used as a brake of the cycle. You can jump with your cycle by pressing the spacebar or x of the keyboard. The Ctrl key is used for giving a horn signal to the other cycles if you need to do so at any point or stage of the game.