Duck Life

Duck Life Description

Duck Life Unblocked is a very popular game for the kids. The story of this game is truly very interesting. It shows that you are the owner of a firm. And it is the only source of your income. But this farm is destroyed by a storm, and you lose everything except a duckling. Now your job is to raise the duckling, train it to win several races and earn a good amount of money to rebuild the firm. There is also a sequel to this game named Duck Life 2 Unblocked.

The game actually shows the training session of the duckling and the races that the duckling participates. One unique feature of the game is the introduction of the energy seed. You have to purchase two types of seeds. Normal seeds mainly enhance duckling's normal energy. But the skill seed enhances all kinds of skills of the duckling.

The game lasts for 15 minutes. You have to train your duckling so that it can run, swim, jump, fly and even climb. The game beautifully reveals how the duckling is participating in the races, and how the rival ducks can't compete with the duckling. One important thing about the game is that it reveals many new training skills.

The final race shows how the duckling has ultimately defeated the best duck in the previous race and how the duckling wins the race after a fierce competition in this game. The graphics and the sound effects of this game are truly very interesting. So the game is one of the most favorite games for every game lover.