Effing Worms 2

Effing Worms 2 Description

The actual man-eating worms are back and more deadly than ever! Increase your worm to a massive size. Upgrade him to an unstoppable killing machine in Effing Worms 2!

Similar to the earlier version, in Effing Worms 2 you are tasked together with growing and upgrading your worm from a cute newborn worm to an over-sized, blood-thirsty killing machine! To do this, you have to guide your worm, making use of the directional keys, to the earth's surface and eat every little thing in sight! As you complete each and every level, you can purchase upgrades from the Evolution Center to turn your current little worm into the most feared monster on the face of the planet!

Effing Worms 2 has a few new and extremely easy controls available to game enthusiasts. In addition to the standard keyboard controls, players can also stop their game by pressing the P button, or perhaps mute the game by pressing the M button. Throughout the different difficult Mode, you can even use your spacebar to initialize the evolution power-up.

If you're just learning how to play Effing Worms 2, The easiest thing to do would be to stay close to the surface on the earth. This makes it much easier so that you can swoop up and chew on a tasty target. Simply by staying near the earth's surface area, you are sure to pick up many bonus points! Also, while you evolve your worm, keep in mind that at each evolution center stage you are able to only select one upgrade. Choose your upgrades smartly to ensure your success and play all your heart out!
There is also a sequel to the game called Effing Worms Xmas, check it out!