Learn To Fly

Learn To Fly Description

Learn to fly is a flash game. It is developed by Max Games. The story of this game is different from other games. The game is about a story of a penguin. The interesting fact is that it is a simple game. But it is a fun game. The story of the game is about the effort of the main character, a penguin. The penguin sees that he doesn't have the power to fly. And this problem haunts him. So he tries many methods and ultimately achieve the success.

The penguin tries several attempts to fly high as much as he can. Before jumping into the water, the penguin tries a long ramp to jump into the air. The most unique feature of this game is that after every flight attempt by the penguin, you will earn money. The amount of money depends on the distance that the penguin has covered after each flight in the air. And one amazing fact about the game is that the calculation of your flight will be shown on the screen, and a specific statistic will decide the calculation.

Collect all the money to purchase necessary upgrades in the game. At the beginning of the game the player will get a glider, and the important fact is that the player can upgrade the glider. The important part of the glider is that you can use it to control the flight of the penguin. That means through this glider the penguin can stay longer in the air. So this is truly a nice game and it is a favorite game for the kids obviously.