Pokemon Tower Defense

Pokemon Tower Defense Description

The game shows that a group of wild Rattata attacks the lab of professor Oak. Now the Pokemons have to defend this attack and solve the mystery behind this attack. In this game the player will play the key role to defend the attack of Rattata. The player will train the Pokemon to solve the mystery. 151 Pokemons are seen in the group to fight against wild Rattata and to solve the mystery. The player has to use his intelligence to make a strategy to stop all the enemies and to make an alternative strategy to save professor Oak's lab. The player has the opportunity to involve other Pokemons in this battle. The game reveals some unique strategies from both sides. The game gives the picture of strategically intelligence of the player through the game. The player can gain or increase the points by breaking the enemy strategy and foil the attempts to attack the professor's lab. The unique thing in this game is that the player can train the Pokemons. Actually Pokemons are the monster creatures but the player will capture them and will train them. Even the player can make the Pokemons more powerful to enjoy the game with more interest.

Pokemon tower defense is a good gift for the Pokemon fans. The combination of Pokemon with tower defense strategy is truly a touch of beauty.